Doctor Who has ruined me (aka why people think I'm weird)

See dust in the sunlight: It's the Vashta Nerada
Something in my eye: The Weeping Angels are in me
See a crack in a wall: Prisoner Zero has escaped
See a Roman Centurion: RORY
Can't remember why I'm crying: Oh god, I've forgotten my husband
See a ginger-haired person: THE ULTIMATE GINGE
See a statue: DON'T BLINK
Can't open a door: Crimson eleven delight petrichor
See fishfingers: CUSTARD
See custard: FISHFINGERS
See a bowtie: Bowties are cool
See a fez: Fezzes are cool
See glasses: Hello handsome
Someone made a soufflé: OSWIN
See a wheelie bin: MICKEY?
Go to a wedding: DRUNK GIRAFFE DANCE
Morning comes too soon: THE UNIVERSE IS SHRINKING
On a beach: And this is the story of how I died
The clock breaks: Run to the fireplace
Have to go to bed: but I COULD DO SO MUCH MORE
See a poncho: Peruvian folk band
See sunflowers: FOR AMY
Shoes: Always converse
Praying: Dear Santa
See a really fat person: Go get the vinegar
Accomplish something: WHO DA MAN?
Something doesn't make sense: Let's go poke it with a stick
Someone asks my name: STORMAGEDDON, DARK LORD OF ALL
Forget something: THE SILENCE
See a tally chart: THE SILENCE
Can't hear anything: SILENCE

omg i just realized that you actually have to be good at something to succeed in life

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“For them, the relationship becomes like trying to come back to a moment that existed, that’s in the past, and that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s that first three or four months that you cling to, or want to relive over and over again, like a drug. That’s the saddest thing of all, because while you’re in it, you can’t tell yourself that it’s not real, or that it doesn’t exist anymore. I feel like it’s two things, to be concise: One, it’s Jacob and Anna trying to get back to that moment, and two, it’s Jacob and Anna trying to move on from each other and not being able to. It’s somewhere in between those two, and it’s the grey area that’s devastating. That’s something that I really wanted to convey.”

—Drake Doremus, Director of ‘Like Crazy’

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Somedays I just want to give up, but I know I can’t; that’s the hard part. Moving forward when you’re too scared just to breathe is the biggest leap of faith. You’re stronger than you think.


Frozen is coming to Storybrooke



Roseanne, Nightmare on Oak Street.

This episode aired in 1989 and it still hasn’t gotten through a lot of people’s skulls.

These are girls’ things as along as girls use them.




Mutant 101 - Professor Xavier Should Put In A Call To Her Parents - 5 Year Old Mia Stares Down marvelentertainment's Cast Of Guardians Of The Galaxy As She Crushes Them In A Game Of GotG Trivia On jimmykimmellive [X

Vin Diesel in the background looking at her like “SHE’S PERFECT.  WANT ONE.”

I thought girls didn’t like Super Heroes.

You thought what? 


Peter’s first read through.



FUN FACT: At Aladdin today James Monroe Iglehart celebrated the genie’s freedom by saying he would finally get to “SANTA FEEEE!!!”

Disney shows stick together.

willow and oz + reactions when the other says/does something cute


The others got Groot a new pot and decorated it. 

Newsies forever, second to none!